Friday, 1 February 2013

Estrella Damm Inedit

There are quite a few brewers of watery adjunct ridden pissy lager who, presumably to stop their brewers hanging themselves, will sometimes have a stab at making a decent beer. Thus we have Super Bock "gourmet", Peroni "gran reserva" and this fella, who grabbed my attention in El Corte Ingles.

It comes in a 75cl bottle with some poncey tags and stuff hanging off the top, like those jars of jam with hats on that you find at some posh shop in Devon. With wheat, barley and spices in the ingredients this promised to be another southern European brewer having a shot at a Witbier.

Spices in a Witbier should be like the icing on a cake, not the cake itself. Here, the spices were too prominent because there wasn't enough backing to them from the beer - altogether too lacking in any guts. Perhaps Estrella Damm should stick to lager.


  1. Small world, I tried one of these at the weekend despite its stupid price tag. Yeh it's piss but it nice enough. Just not worth the price nor the flowery prose on the box. It has some subtle flavour notes and it depends whether you want subtle and understated or an in your face craft face slap.

    As for regular Estrella, I find it one of the more palatable lighter adjuct pisswaters out there.

  2. Estrella's the best regular Spanish lager - just ask Antonia de Sancha.