Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A dwarf and a Saint

Like many beer drinkers I went through a mercifully short phase of thinking than the sun shone out of the cheeks of any beer which had been wedged to the brim with citrus hops. Now the novelty has worn off I find many of them very one dimensional. Now I'm back to my old Belgian fellas, and luckily my Bierzwerg consignment eventually turned up.
What you looking at baldy?

A Belgian IPA is clearly going to be a different beast from other IPAs, and so it proved. The hops were done tastefully not to excess, with a solid foundation of a Belgian trippel to build on. La Chouffe are a superb brewery who never put a foot wrong.
St Idesbald are abbey beers which bear a passing resemblance to Rochefort, but there's something else in there as well, slightly sweet that I couldn't put my toes on. Definitely a worthwhile alternative to the Trappistes.


  1. With you on La Chouffe. We've got a Belgian cafe up the road from us - nearly fainted when I saw la chouffe on the menu next to the sticky cakes and tall coffees.

  2. They've got a thyme and curaçao spiced one out at the moment that I wish I could get my mits on