Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Rother Bräu Öko Urtrunk

Rother Bräu describe themselves as a small family brewery, located way up in the northern extremes of Franconia. I think theirs is the first unfiltered / unpasteurised bio beer I've come across, so it's time to check it out. It pours with an extremely healthy head which rises out of the glass like a loaf of bread. It reached near vertical heights without seeping over the rim of the glass.

The bread analogy continues with the taste, along with a healthy maltiness. Hops of course are MIA but come on, this is Bavaria. Quite worthy, and another one that's a full on summer beer.
I think I must have crossed the paths of a whole litter load of black cats, or walked under the ladders of the annual ladder society convention. Not only did I get robbed in Barcelona and so miss my beer titanic's return trip, now my latest beer consignment from Bierzwerg has gone missing. Trying to trace items with Deutsche Post is up there with the searches for the Holy Grail, Lord Lucan, and the Ark. Things just disappear into an impenetrable jungle of bureaucracy, compounded by the fact that deliveries in Germany are to a name on a doorbell rather than an actual address. At the weekend I have to face the Gojira of German bureaucracy again when I attempt to take a long distance train with a replacement credit card as ID...

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