Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Krivoklat - castle and beer

What to do with a castle in the 21st century? There are no barbarian hordes to hide from, so instead the unanimous opinion is that the best thing to do with them is to fill them with gippos selling tat.

However, amongst the tat you can find the odd diamond, like this stall, which was doing a brisk business.

And no wonder, when your produce is such as this...

Here's the menu...

I went for a Winterbock seeing as a) it was winter, except it was supposed to be spring, and b) it was the only one that I could understand. You can either get a glass from the barrel, or take a bottle away, or both, which is by far the best option.

Splendidly spicy and warming on a cold winter night, or a cold spring night, with an awesome golden glow.

Pivovar Matuska, splendid fellows all round.

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