Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Christmas in April

If you are a beer geek living in a country where you can only obtain the beer you like by mail order, then Christmas comes many times a year. You get home and find the DHL card, then bang and scream at your neighbour's door, and if necessary kick it in. Then there's that nice big cardboard box which promises to soon yield up its treasure.

The American "craft" beer thing has pretty much passed me by, as there are only a few available on Bierkompass and they seem overpriced. But since finding Bierzwerg where they have a much bigger range and are more reasonably priced I resolved to find out what all the fuss was about. At 2.20 for a 355ml bottle they're of course much more expensive than local beers, or for that matter the Belgian stuff that I normally buy online, so I'll be looking at them from a value-for-money perpsective.

Of course I couldn't resist including a couple of Rocheforts and St Bernadus in there...

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