Tuesday, 5 April 2011


At the end of my street is the Paulaner brewery, the effluent from which smells better than the beer tastes. Behind this rises the Nockherberg, a hill on top of which sits their main beer garden, with a large feasting hall. This is a recreation of an older building which burnt down in the 90s, just after planning permission for major alterations was refused.

 If you're a pig, you'd better worry...

 Here is the main focus for the Starkbier season in Munich, where traditionally Bavarian dressed revellers turn up to pour flaggons of Salvator down their necks.

The bastards actually charge you to get in...

I would never drink Salvator at home out of the bottle, but whenever I've had it on tap it's been a different proposition. Whether it's a figment of my imagination or not I don't know, but it goes down much better this way. Out of all the "ators" I've tried it disguises the extra strength the best without any noticeable sweetness.

It's easy to get carried away with this stuff by the litre, so as I necked it I worked out a plan for getting home should my legs fail me after ten of them. It involved taking a leaf out of Bilbo Baggins' book, although given how litigious the Tolkien estate is maybe that wasn't a good idea. Were I to wab an empty Salvator barrel, place myself inside it and set it rolling, it would descend the hill, and then cannon billiards style off the wall at the bottom, which with a bit of luck would project me over a stream, from whence I would roll gently down my street to be deposited outside my tiny abode.


  1. Starkbier fest used to be free - which is probably why I was never been able to get in.

    Paulaner Helles must now surely be competing with Oettinger for the title of Germany's least flavoursome beer. At least Oettinger is dirt cheap.

  2. It's only 1.50 outside peak hours otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. At peak times it's 11.20 with a Salvator 1 litre included (so effectively about 2:50 for the entrance). Maybe before people just came to stare at the naked thighs and didn't drink anything?