Thursday, 26 May 2011


Kölsch is a wicked drink for when the weather is scorching hot. You can drink it super cold and it has the crispness of lager, but still a bit of fruity flavour if it's done right. The only one that's reasonably widely available in Munich is the fairly bland Reissdorf, though in Bio-shops you can sometimes get the splendid Hellers.

Gilden was unfortunately as bland and boring as Reissdorf. In the words of Rik Mayall before he was hard up enough to do unfunny adverts, "I might as well be listening to Genesis". The initial taste of Gaffel made me think it might be the same, but then the meaty aftertaste comes along and bites you in the nicest possible way. A world apart from the Gilden - same beer style, same price, same appearance, same ABV (why oh why are all Kölschs 4.8%???) but one pisses on the other: Caveat Drinkor. The Kuppers was somewhere between the two.

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