Wednesday, 25 May 2011


"Zoigl" beers are my latest attempt to make headway in the confusing myriad of Bavarian unfiltered lagers.

From what I can gather, a "Zoigl" was a sign a brewer would put on their door indicating there was beer available inside - that's the two stars of David you can see on the Alt-Reuther one. These historically would be small communal brewhouses in the Oberpfalz area. Nowadays I imagine it's nothing more than one of the many variations on Kellerbier - there wasn't anything in particular which made these two stand out from the other unfiltered lagers I've been churning through, except that the Wurth was darker (but not as dark as a Munich dunkel). Of the two the Alt-Reuther had more depth.


  1. Real Zoigl is not a thing of the past. You can still visit Windescheschenbach/Neuhaus and a few of the nearby towns for the real thing.

  2. Here's another link that gives you the Zoigl house schedule so you know what days they are open:

  3. Interesting, 3 hours on a Bayern ticket... that could well be worth a trip.