Friday, 27 May 2011


My pilgrimage to the homes of Kolsch and Alt to save the world marches on. Rüdesheim is the blob of houses on the left...

It's the starting point for Rhine river cruises, and has a cable car thingy to get some views.
If there's ever a town which would turn you into a wine drinker it's this one: most bars' beer offering consists of only Warsteiner and Bitburger, two of the foulest beers in Germany, and the local apple wine goes down great.
I did however stumble upon this Irish pub for beer relief...

These are often named something pitifully unimaginative and cliched, so I suppose "Hajo's" is at least original. Seeing as we are on the Rhine, we are now just within the fiefdom of Kolsch and Alt, and this place stocked one of each.

I think it was Gaffels although I can't be sure... I hoped it would be better when I reached Cologne.
I've had enough Alts now to know that they vary enourmously in quality: the lesser ones can be too sweet or too carbonated and taste a bit Cola-ish. The Frankenheimer Alt didn't suffer too badly from either of those but wasn't particularly inspiring.

The pilgrimage then moved onward by boat...

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