Sunday, 13 March 2011

Acceptable face of the Church

Check out this Monk geezer. You can just tell that he never once told anyone that condoms gave you Aids, touched up some poor little tyke, told same tyke that he'd be damned if he had a quick one off the wrist, tried to make people feel guilty for something they haven't done, told school kids that the kids at the school down the road weren't like them, genocided some natives with fire and sword... nobody who wasn't pure of thought could brew anything this good. I haven't tried the twelve yet but I mean to.
Maybe all clergy should be required to take up homebrew. They've got loads of storage space and a crypt would be a great place for lagering. Thought for the Day could be about sparging wort and the like.


  1. well, as my first read of your blog, that was cracking introduction read.

  2. I dunno, I'm not sure I'd trust him to be left alone with the altar boys.

  3. You sort of wonder where that finger's been