Thursday, 10 March 2011

Beer Artwork

When we buy a CD, DVD, or book, we're used to the artwork on the cover being one way they try to rope us in. The best thing about a few Yes / ELP albums are the covers. Yet all too often a beer bottle will just have a fairly bland label which tells us information about the beer and not much else. Of course it doesn't make bugger all difference to the beer inside, but it's just curious that it tends to be newer breweries who try to come up with interesting labels, and older ones who are happy to go for something staid.
Tocallmatto for example:

 Although of course we shouldn't judge a beer by its cover, in this case the quality of the beer inside matches the artwork outside. In the case of "Skizoid", knowing that the Tocallmatto geezers shared my musical taste as well as my beer taste helped me enjoy the beer.

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