Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Not Fasching

Today was Munich's Fasching, so I got the afternoon off work. Some have called this "state sponsored fun". It reminds me of the poster in Robert Harris' Fatherland which says "Anyone not having fun will be shot."
The only way to bare it is to get completely rat arsed like everyone else, which I did last year. This year I was determined not to, so instead I just had a quick peek on the way to the shops. There was the usual collection of transvestites and people wearing animal costumes, with Europop thumping out of the speakers. Fun to do once.
So I very wisely decided to celebrate Fasching at home, with a bottle of the as always impeccable St Bernadus 6, and these jokers:
A whopping 12%, and you can tell. It had a very warming, burnt taste, and went down a treat while I watched Arsenal commit collective Seppuku against Barcelona. Not a single shot on goal all night. Don't blame the bloody ref.
But was it worth the 6.59 Euros I paid for it? Well considering a) I'm a tight bastard and b) I can get a bottle of the orgasmic Trappistes Rochefort 10 from the same site for the giveaway price of 2.09, I couldn't really justify coughing up that much for it.
Here lies the problem: those Rocheforts are so superb that every time I finish a bottle of Danish / Italian / US "craft" which I've forked out EUR 6+ for, I can't help thinking: Is it 3 times as good as a Rochefort? No. Is it 1.25 times as good? Very rarely. Is it 0.75 times as good? Not often. Those monk geezers have my undying admiration for churning out awesome beer and flogging it dirt cheap.

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